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Welcome to Fuzzy Beard Productions.

We specialise in score composition and sound design, with professional and affordable results available to suit all budgets. If you need a piece of music for your project, we would be more than happy to send you a quote based on your individual requirements. We design and sculpt musical notes to give clients a unique sonic identity. But there’s a little more to us than that. We take great pride in our compositions, and we care about what we do for you. We consult with you to maximise the potential of your investment and we compose the right music for your project. Fuzzy Beard Productions will always be honest with you and share our expertise to ensure you get the best music.

Successfully delivering various projects over the last few years, Fuzzy Beard Productions listens to what you’re actually asking for and make sure you have realistic expectations. We won’t promise you the earth, but we will deliver what’s right for your project. We’ll be completely honest with you and always ask the right questions to get to the heart of your vision. In turn, this affords us the necessary insight to research and plan for your project; giving you peace of mind, knowing we understand what you want, and making sure you understand what is technically and creatively possible.

Ultimately, the best advert for what we do is the work itself, so why not check it out using the menu links above. If you’d like to work with us check out our Contact Page, and if you want to see what our clients say about us visit our Testimonials.

Our Clients